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Invisible Dance - Contemporary Dance Cycle | Dança Invisível 2018 (PT)

sentidosilimitados & INESTÉTICA - Associação de Novas Ideias

Palácio do Sobralinho, Vila Franca de Xira - Portugal


MUTABILIS developed throughout a path, like a journey, inhabited different spaces in Sobralinho Palace (indoors & outdoors), in an interlacing of situations where the audience could relate to the performers through movement, light, image and sounds.

Concept and performance: Paula Pinto (movement and costume design) | António de Sousa Dias (sound art and programming) | Daniel Rondulha (visual art and videomapping)| Executive Production: Associação sentidosilimitados | Co-Production: Miso Music Portugal | INESTÉTICA - Associação de Novas ideias | Artistic residency: Palácio do Sobralinho – Artistas no Palácio, Vila Franca de Xira - Portugal 

Invisible Dance - Contemporary Dance Cycle:

“Nothing is permanent. Everything is subject to change. Being is always becoming.”


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